Dear Dumb Diary: Am I the Princess or the Frog?

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Описание товара

More of the (nearly) true and absolutely hilarious confessions of Jamie Kelly . . . Jamie''s best friend is planning to display a picture of Jamie next to her disgustingly stinky beagle, as part of a project to show how pets look like their people. Gee, thanks. And her mum, in a twisted plot created by the school dinner ladies, has been asked to cook meatloaf for the whole school. Mum''s cooking - known for its ability to poison anyone who touches it. Mum''s meatloaf - the food that even.. посмотреть полное описание о Dear Dumb Diary: Am I the Princess or the Frog?

Характеристики Dear Dumb Diary: Am I the Princess or the Frog?

Количество страниц:176
Глубина упаковки:1
Тип обложки (Переплет):Мягкая обложка
Год выпуска:2011
Ширина упаковки:1
Тип обложки:Мягкая обложка
Автор:Jim Benton
Язык издания:Английский
Автор на обложке:Jim Benton
Высота упаковки:1
Кол-во страниц:176

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