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Which fish holds the world record for most escape attempts? Which human cannonball travelled the furthest? What is the world''s soppiest fairy tale?..

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According to Frog…Cats sit on gnats, Dogs sit on logs, Raccoons sit on macaroons, Armadillos sit on pillows andChicks sit on bricks. But wait! Cat..

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FOO HOO HOO! King Flashypants is back for his third rib-tickling adventure. Something weird is happening in Edwinland - Emperor Nurbison isn''t evil any..

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When rumours of a huge and terrifying monster called the Voolith reach Edwinland, King Edwin Flashypants decides that, to be a proper king, he needs to..

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Every Friday, King Edwin spends all his money on chocolate for the peasants. But when the money runs out, Edwin finds himself in a fix. Cue the arrival..

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A brilliant new Charlie and Lola picture book from multi-award-winning author and Children''s Laureate Lauren Child!Lola wants a dog - but the qualities..

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From the #1 bestselling Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids series comes a 2-in-1 collectible hardcover bind-up of Laugh-Out-Loud Spooky Jokes for Kids and..

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A must-have for your little comedian, this Christmas collection from the #1 bestselling author of Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids has hundreds of holiday-..

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Flip and Fin, the irrepressible sand shark twins, want to save the day—just like their favorite TV superheroes. So off to the beach they go, for a..

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The first book in the Bad Ideas Book Club, aptly named How to Eat an Airplane, explains: If you want to eat an airplane, there are a few things you..

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